Friday, January 9, 2009

Hard Times

Some times it seems like this trial we are in will never end. I was so blessed by the message on Wednesday night. I really learned alot and the Lord really spoke to me. As we go on in this new year it seems like things are getting worse and worse for us, not better. The Lord is absolutely in control, I just wish I knew what His plan will be for us. This is a time when the Lord wants us to just trust in Him and cling to Him not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It's really hard to be joyful in this trial right now, but I know that the Lord calls us to have joy. It's not a joy for the trial, but joy in what the trial will bring to our lives.

I really can't wait for the end of this, to see how the Lord is going to work. I hope that I can bring Him glory during this time and not be a burden to Him.

I just wish He would tell us what to do, should we start packing our stuff, do we need to start looking for a new place to live. I already know that for now we need to just rest in Him, He will tell us what to do.

Please pray for us, that the Lord will guide us and show us what to do and also bring us His peace. And also that the people who are suppose to be "helping us" will have soft hearts and compassion towards us! To God be the glory!


Anonymous said...

the Lord timing is so right with brining James MacDonald here this month. what a blessing it's going to be. I am praying for you and your family Melissa!:)

Jon and alyssa said...

It is so hard to go through these hard times. But... It the cool thing that James touched on, is that God chases thoses who he LOVES.
So, although things are hard now, it is going to be really cool to see how he uses this for His glory!
We are praying for you guys!