Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Wedding Bell Blues

The Lord knows what He's doing all of the time, but sometimes I wonder He ever says "oops, I forgot about you!" I know He doesn't ever say that really, but that's how I feel. When you first get engaged your so excited and every ones so happy for you. Then the next question they ask is "Sooo whens the big day?" Then reality sets in and you remember that you've got a wedding to plan! So you get a book to keep all of your ideas and paperwork in, people offer to help you in the planning process. There's 1000 details to go over and decisions to make. For most people this is a wonderful and fun time. But so far for me it's been nothing but one big trial! Every corner I come to has a huge road block in it! So far I have my photographer, dress and a lot of ideas. Right now on the road of my wedding planning there's a huge sign that says "Take detour, bridge is out!"

I think the Lord is trying to teach me to not make my own plans, but to trust in His plans and know that what He does is best! I just think that I put to much hope in being married and planning my wedding that the Lord has to take it from me for now, but to give it back to me later. I feel like I have the wedding bell blues, but the Lord will turn my mourning into dancing! Some day when this is all over I hope I can look back and see how much I have grown in the Lord and see how this time was beneficial to my spiritual growth!

My family could really use your prayers right now! We are going through some really big trials with our house and money situation. We just need the Lords peace and direction! Thank you!