Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Years!

Well tomorrow is mine and RJ's 2 year anniversary. It was a Monday, the day after RJ got back from a missions trip to New Orleans. He was gone for 10 days and I missed him soooo much. But I couldn't really tell him because I didn't even know if he liked me or not. (deep down I kinda knew he did though).

He took me out to lunch and said "the Lord has been talking to me about you."(YAY) Then after that he said a lot of other nice things that I don't remember and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. Obviously I said yes! Our first year was awesome, just getting to know each other more and becoming closer! We had a lot of fun going to the beach, to Yosemite with my family and just hanging out together! Our second year was a little more difficult, only because I had a lot going on with my family and also having surgery wasn't easy! But looking back it was good for us because we were able to be there to encourage one another. When he was down, I would lift him up and when I was down, he would lift me up! He has also been a great encouragement to my family during our hard times! But now as we enter our third year my prayer is that the Lord will provide for us and continue to bring us closer together and to Himself!!

But tomorrow we are going out to the Griffith Observatory and also to Grauman's Chinese Theatre! It should be lots of fun!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Day!

We had such a good time at Disneyland! Mary and I were talking this morning about how much we love being there. We could just sit on Main St all day and just look at all the sights!!

Since it was a Thursday it was pretty empty. The longest line was for Nemo. The park closed at 8pm, but RJ and I stayed on Main St in the shops until about 9:30. It was so fun. Also because it was my birthday I got a pass to go to California Adventure next time! We have to use it within a month so I hope we can go there soon!

Then on Sunday we went to lunch with all my family, we had 30 people at the restaurant! It's such a blessing to have family close by, I feel very loved!! RJ blessed me so much this month(well all the time). I could never say thank you enough! But that makes me love him even more (if thats possible!)!!

Now the next big event is Mine and RJ's 2 year anniversary on the 29th!!! Wow I can't believe that we have been together for 2 years (I keep saying 1 by accident)!! I can't wait to give him his gift, but I can't say what it is cuz he'll probably read this!! hahaha!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well tomorrow is my birthday. Now that I'm getting older time is going by much, much faster. I can't believe that I'm already 26! I can still remember my 16th birthday like it was yesterday. My mom and I went shopping at Wet Seal (that was my favorite store!), she bought me a really cool strobe/disco light for my room! I still have it somewhere! Then I had a luau party with all my friends and family! Wow that was 10 years ago!

I can also remember other parties that I've had, one was a hippie party, another was a roller skating party at my house and I think I was 7 when we went to castle park. But my all time favorite so far was my 10th birthday! I was taking gymnastics lessons at the time so I had a party there. We got to do all sorts of cool stuff like jumping on the trampoline, jumping into the foam pit and alot of other cool stuff!

So tomorrow we are going to Disneyland!!! I know that we'll have lots of fun, I get in free for my birthday! I hope it's not to crowded with other birthdays, but I don't think it will be to bad.

I know my 25th year was challenging, but also a blessing! I wonder what my 26th year holds for me? I already know part of it might be difficult, but the Lord is in control so whatever He has in store for me is good!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hard Times

Some times it seems like this trial we are in will never end. I was so blessed by the message on Wednesday night. I really learned alot and the Lord really spoke to me. As we go on in this new year it seems like things are getting worse and worse for us, not better. The Lord is absolutely in control, I just wish I knew what His plan will be for us. This is a time when the Lord wants us to just trust in Him and cling to Him not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It's really hard to be joyful in this trial right now, but I know that the Lord calls us to have joy. It's not a joy for the trial, but joy in what the trial will bring to our lives.

I really can't wait for the end of this, to see how the Lord is going to work. I hope that I can bring Him glory during this time and not be a burden to Him.

I just wish He would tell us what to do, should we start packing our stuff, do we need to start looking for a new place to live. I already know that for now we need to just rest in Him, He will tell us what to do.

Please pray for us, that the Lord will guide us and show us what to do and also bring us His peace. And also that the people who are suppose to be "helping us" will have soft hearts and compassion towards us! To God be the glory!