Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, we didn't even last 24 hours on our raw fruit and vegetable diet!

We felt nauseous, dizzy and sick all day!!! Finally at 7:00pm last night I said to RJ, "Can I please eat some real food now?" Ohhh, the first bite was glorious! I instantly felt better!

I have learned that it is very important to incorporate raw food into our diets because they have a lot of nutrients that we can't get out of the cooked food that we eat! But all that raw, cold food was just not appetizing!

I am going to try and make some smaller changes in the way I eat to improve my health, less sugar, less starches (but I still loooove spaghetti!) and less soda.

So I guess it was a good effort, but poor execution!

Our Yosemite trip was awesome! We went on a big hike, lots of bike rides, floated down the river, had campfires, saw wildlife and got no sleep! hahaha! It really was a great trip and I can't wait to go back next year!

Look at my facebook to see some pix!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, I haven't written anything new in a while! So I figured it was about time to give an update.

Remember in my last post about the "detour" sign for the wedding. Well I finally know why that was there. RJ lost his job last month, so i guess the Lord was just preparing me for that! So for now things are on hold....which is ok I know that Lord will bring it together in His timing! We are still gathering ideas so that when the time is right we are ready to go!

I have started making custom felt flowers and cuff bracelets. So far I have fulfilled 4 orders! It's pretty cool, I love being creative! And it's really neat that people love my stuff! The Lord has definitely blessed me. I hope to be able to make a little business out of it!

Next week we are going to Yosemite, that will be awesome! I love going there, its so beautiful and a refreshing time! We weren't able to go there last year (but why live in the past). Thats about as close to camping as I like to get. Four brick walls and a patio with electricity. We ride our bikes every where and I'm gonna try to do a little hiking, even though I'm not that fond of it! But floating down the river is my favorite part! Hopefully the mosquito's will leave us alone. They like to eat me because I am so sweet! Heehee!
Then when we get back from Vacation, RJ and I will be going on an all raw vegetable and fruit diet for 14 days. Then after that we will add in meat again. It's a liver enhancing diet to strengthen our livers and detox our bodies. We went to a Christian Dr. last weekend and he is going to help us get our bodies healthy and into shape. Hopefully it will be a life long change for the better. We both have been under so much stress lately that it has taken it's tole on our bodies. But with the Lords help we will begin to distress! So I will give updates about how it's going. Just the thought of eating all raw veggies and fruits for 2 weeks does not sound appetizing, but I know the outcome will be well worth it! We will be trying some very interesting meals!

If you have some recepes that are yummy, let me know!!

Well that's the update so far!