Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Dinner Time!

I have been married for almost 17 days. Wow, time has gone by fast!! We had a great time at Walt Disney World and can't wait to go back!

So tonight will be the first night I am going to make us dinner. I've been lucky, RJ made us our first dinner, Chicken lettuce wraps (which was really good) and most of the other times we have been eating out. Now it's my turn. We got our pots and pans on Sunday, so I cant wait to use them!! I am going to make Butternut-Beef Chili. Oohhh, it sounds so good and warm! For dessert of course I'm making Pumpkin Muffins. This cold weather puts me in the mood to bake! I found both recipes online and if they turn out good I will post them for you!

For tomorrows dinner I'm going to make Crock pot split pea soup. It looks really yummy! I have an app on my phone that has all kinds of healthy recipes. So we'll see how it turns out!

I'm excited to cook us good healthy meals that we can both enjoy together!


Becky and Caleb said...

how fun! I LOVE cooking :) I post most recepies on my blog too - the link's on my FB page.

Caleb loves food more than most... and I love to cook! I really do see it as a way I can serve him because he appreciates it so much.

marriage is great, tough but rewarding. enjoy your newlywed bliss - and remember that can last forever it doesnt have to be just your first years :)

Monica said...

Sounds yummy! <3 I had Lamb Lingquisa sausages for lunch!! Yummy! See you tomorrow or Thursday!! <3

Sweet Melissa said...

Thank you!! Yes I am ejoying it! RJ loves to eat too and cook!! I will have to check out your blog to get some recipes!!

RJ McCauley said...

Your hands are blessed by God! That week was so delicious. Guys, you need to find a real woman who can cook; I sure did! =)