Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Long, O Lord?

Today's daily reading is none other than Psalms 13. The title is "How Long, O Lord?" Four times the Psalmist asks, "how long, O Lord?" I too ask Him over and over again, "How long, O Lord must I endured this trial?" "How long, O Lord must I continue in darkness?" In verse 3 he says lighten my eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death. That means I am close to death and will die unless you intervene with encouragement or enlightenment. I don't know if you have ever felt that way, but some times I can feel like I am in the dark and unless the Lord "lightens" my eyes I will parish. Today I read my moms blog and it said that the Lord promises that we will not walk in darkness. So although I feel alone, like He doesn't hear me I can trust that He does. In the last two verses he gives praise and worship to the Lord. He says I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me. I love this word bountifully, it means liberal in bestowing gifts, favors, generous and abundant. Even though David is distressed, He still gives the Lord praise for His generosity. So even though right now the Lord is not giving me what "I" want, He is still worthy to be praised and He is being generous in other areas. He will not permit the righteous to stumble. And when the time is just right He will show me His path.



I love this! This goes hand in hand with your My Life too! Keep up the good work, Melly, you minister to me too!!

RJ McCauley said...

This is great! I like the definition of bountifully, and identifying those four factors of repetitive phrases. I love you!!!

RJ McCauley said...

You need to update!!! I miss your blog entries.

Hey check this out for referencing in your blogs or essays...

etc – Short for ‘et cetera‘, which is the Latin phrase for ‘and other things‘ or ‘and so forth‘. Example : 4, 5, 6 etc.

i.e. – Short for ‘id est‘, which is the Latin term for ‘that is‘ or ‘in other words‘. Example : I went back to writing on my usual blogging device i.e. my laptop. This abbreviation is commonly confused with e.g. (and vice-versa).

e.g. – Short for ‘exempli gratia‘, which is the Latin phrase for ‘for example‘. Example : The man was rich enough to buy his own basketball team e.g. the New York Knicks.

p.s. – Short for ‘post scriptum‘, which is the Latin phrase for ‘after writing‘. It is an afterword which is added at the end of a text. Example : p.s. I wrote this article with my left hand. Additional afterwords add an extra P ie. p.s., p.p.s.,p.p.p.s. etc.