Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are so many cool ideas out there for everything Wedding!! I love just researching and looking up weddings. I know what colors I want. Here is an example:

I love the Blue and the Green together. I also want little bursts of Pink, Orange and Yellow. RJ and I both love the tropical beach theme, with shells and sand.

This is cool too:

I want my cake just a little more girly, not so cut and dry, but this is a good start!!

And I love this because it's very clean and simple, yet colorful:

This is a really neat way to bring in the beach aspect in table seating cards:

Well, I think I'm off to a good start. Now I just have to pull everything together! We are trying to cut costs as much as possible and do alot of things ourselves. If you have any good ideas or cool websites to look at please let me know!!


K.C. said...

Pretty neat! Since it is beach themed....everyone can wear bathing suits! oh ya!

Well you better hurry up and give me ideas about that cake so I can get a move on the preparation...

Sweet Melissa said...

Or even better since the ocean is cold everyone can wear wetsuits!!!! hahaha!! Ok I want the cake to be 6 feet tall and only 4 layers. And I want it to shoot fireworks out of the top!! :-)

Kristin said...

The biggest thing we did to cut cost was we hardly had any flowers. I had my bouquet and each bridesmaid carried 1 long stem rose. Also we had little flowers for the guys shirts. That was it. I did not use flowers as decorations. I figured they would die the next day anyways. I think we spent a total of $150 on all the flowers. In my mind I wanted to spend more on my dress :)

Anonymous said...

good thing you got the connections with the flowers ;)

Sweet Melissa said...

Oh yeah, thats right!!! I love his flowers!! :-)