Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Life!

This last year of my life has been very challenging. It started with my mom having a hysterectomy, she was very nervous about it. But she made it through with flying colors, with the help of the Lord!! In November my dad had an accident at work and his leg was cut with a piece of glass all the way down to the bone. He had to have emergency surgery to replace the tendons and nerves. It was a hard couple of months, he couldn't work and had to just sit and let his leg heal. It's much better now but two of his toes are still numb, so he'll need more surgery. Then in January my mom caught pneumonia. She was very ill for weeks. Even today her lungs still bother her!

And now to me, I have a fibroid tumor in my uterus. This is a non-cancerous tumor. We tried everything natural to heal it, but it didn't work. I had 2 shots of a medicine called Lupron to shrink it and I am having surgery on October 8 to remove it.

Even though this has been a very tough year the Lord has been so amazing to us!! He led us to a Doctor who will do my surgery by a robotic arm. This is a less invasive surgery and we are so thankful for him!! Although I am not thrilled to have surgery, I know the Lord is in control and He will work everything out for His glory!! Who knows, maybe I will be able to encourage someone in the hospital who needs it!!

I think we are on the up side of everything now (I hope), but whatever the Lord has planned for me is better than what I could have planned for myself!!

To God be the glory!!

If you think about it please pray for us, we need all the prayers we can get!!

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